He won't win...but what if he did?

Look it (see: I’m getting into the Irish spirit already) I am so lucky to have a horse running in a race like the Paddy Power on Wednesday; a little one horse owner like me- it’s pretty cool. So I am under no illusions: he probably won’t win and I won’t be able to experience all of the excitement after the race and the interviews and all of that. But what if I did? What would it be like? You know, if I was Greta Gerwig and nominated for an Oscar for the brilliant Ladybird but lost, what would my acceptance speech say? This is how I think my racing version would go:

Some producer guy:  Mr Leech, would you mind being interviewed by Gary O’Brien for Attheraces?

Me  Of course not

Him: Great ..oh, and bring and your wife

(I now realize all they want is a chance to speak to my beautiful wife – did they learn nothing from Listowel?)

Gary  Congratulations! That must have been some thrill

Me  It certainly was Gary. You dream about winning but you don’t think it’s going to happen.

Gary  What did Peter Fahey (the trainer) say?

Me  Well, last week he said he was in top form, this morning he wondered what we were doing here and he’s just said “that’s perfect, brilliant

Gary  What did you think to the ride Kevin Sexton gave him?

Me  He was brilliant, laid back as always but got him in a great rhythm. I think it helped getting some advice from Roger Loughran last night

Gary Why? What did Roger say?

Me He just said: remember it’s 3 miles and a 100 yards and not just 3 miles!

Gary  Experience is everything. I understand Michael O’Leary congratulated you

Me He did. He actually offered me two free return flights on Ryanair

Gary Why would he do that?

Me  I think he read that I occasionally sit on park benches but he seemed to think it was a great gift

Gary That must have been awkward

Me. I know. I am not big into re-gifting but he isn’t giving me much choice

Gary  Peter had a good winner at Dundalk last week; backed in from 20/1 to 4/1, Were you in the know?

Me  No I was not. It’s funny: Kim and I are taking Peter and Ber out in Dublin on Friday night – I might have to let him pay now

Gary  What makes him such a great trainer

Me  I think it’s all the steak he eats

Rich Ricci.jpg

Gary Does Gordon Elliott eat loads of steak – he’s pretty successful?

Me  Good point Gary. Come to think of it: alcohol seems a more likely factor.

Gary  I saw you talking to Rich Ricci – what was that conversation about?

Me  He congratulated me and asked where I bought my coat and did I feel uncomfortable wearing something without a pattern.

Gary  Has he forgiven you for the April Fools Day blog in 2015?

Me  Hopefully not

Gary (with an unconvincing surprised look on his face) Oh, is this your wife?

 Me It is indeed – this is Kim

Gary  Hi Kim. As an American what do you think of Irish racing?

Kim  Hi Gary. Thank you for speaking so clearly. I think it is wonderful and I am so delighted to take half of my four weeks annual vacation to watch Bay of Freedom run.

Gary (slightly taken aback)  oh…that must be tough.

Kim  Gary – just being sarcastic . That’s something I’ve learnt from Paul. The truth is that I love racing, it is Paul’s passion and I want him to come as often as he can and I want to be here to support him. I want him to use the prize money to buy another horse so that he can come over more often. I love him and I want him to do whatever he wants to do.

Gary (turning to me) What do you think about that Paul?

Me It’s wonderful. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Gary  Thanks Paul and Kim. Go off and celebrate!


So there you have it: no need to listen to the interview if he wins. I will be back with a  blog on Tuesday once the declarations are made and we know who is running. Until then…I wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas.