Still searching for clarity

If you didn’t read Saturday’s blog you might want to click here first. If you have read it, then please start reading this somewhat muted blog.

Another beautiful day in Wexford but it won’t be if  Bernard keeps asking me how much you win for finishing fifth!

There are five runners: Tiger Roll, A Genie in ABottle, Presenting Mahler, Thanks for Tea and Bay of Freedom. Based on my patent-pending rating system only A Genie in Abottle is higher rated but he is much higher rated and seems the most likely winner. I have spent a long time trying to find holes in his form but he pretty muhc ticks every box; the only remaining hopes are that he doesn’t like Wexford or Mondays 

I also think that the going is not as bad as forecast and that brings Tiger Roll into the frame. We beat him in this race last year but that was after he had a hard summer campaign; this time he hasn’t run since April and he is a horse who runs well after  a break so I would not be surprised to see him run a big race.

I think the bookies have it about right with A Genie in Abottle ay 4/6, Tiger Roll at 9/2 and Bay of Freedom at 11/2.

I think I am turning into Peter Fahey but not in a charismatic, focused, fun and knowledgeable way. No I am mimicking his day of race pessimism. I was even pessimistic yesterday when Kevin had his first ride of the day on Melly and Me. They didn’t even try to mount the horse until just before the off and the he decided to rear up and try and deposit Kevin on the not so heavy turf; and this was before they had even jumped one of the 12 hurdles. It didn’t help to know that the horse fallen on his only previous start. After some alarming jumps Kevin got him to settle down and , with increasing confidence flowing through his veins, somehow conjured up an 8th place finish. I was just relieved to see him come back in one piece.

We had a great day at Leopardstown on Saturday when my only two tips to the stag party (Making Light and Wonderlaish) won at 6/1 and 7/1. Apparently they not only backed them individually but also put all of the kitty money (and there was lot of that) on Wonderlaish so it was a happy group in Dublin that night. John and Bernard were a bit late getting to the course as they had a lunchtime flight from Birmingham; a flight which a certain Mr. Gordon Elliott was on. John, being John, struck up a conversaiton which yielded a couple of tips and an invitation to the stables. Gordon trains Tiger Roll and I have visions of John standing with him in the paddock today and just waving at us. Just so that John can make an informed decision let me just add that it’s a long walk back to Dublin!

Anyway, back to the race: I have a strange feeling that says he can win it but, almost in the same thought, I think he could come in last. I would love to recite Kevin’s “he feels better than before Listowel” comment  a thousand times as I sit, in a lotus pose, in my bedroom. Unfortunately, my knee is still not quite right so I am trying it on my right leg with my palms facing each other 

A  few minutes later…………

Well, that didn’t work!  On the basis that the old ones are the best ones for a reason why don’t I go with: “I hope he runs his race and , most important of all, comes back in one piece”

I am off to read Morrissey’s “The Power of Positive and Happy Thinking” – let’s hope it works before 3.20 this afternoon