Straight from the horse's mouth.............

A pretty desperate effort from Bay of Freedom today. He never went a yard and was pulled up before the last hurdle - mystifying. However, some intriguing information has come into my possession and is the closest we will probably ever come to an answer.

You've often heard the phrase "if only they could talk". Well, with the benefit of modern espionage listening devices and talking horse translation services, I am now able to provide details of a conversation that took place a few days ago between Bay of Freedom and Credo Star



BOF Hi Credo! How’s it going my man?

CS      er..I’m a mare Bay

BOF   That’s right – you’re pregnant aren’t you?

CS       I think the technical term is ‘in foal’

BOF    Whatever!

CS       I’m off to Galway on Sunday – it’s my last race before retirement

BOF    I should try that

CS        What? Go to Galway?

BOF     No..retire!

CS        Good luck with that!

BOF     Let’s be honest. I would be much better standing around looking fabulous

 CS       You sound like your owner’s wife

BOF     That eejit who lives in America?

  CS       Oh yes. Anyway, how did it go at the Curragh this morning?

 BOF      I screwed up. Showed way too much speed and ability – it’s not easy remembering to rein it in when you’re as good as me Credo

 CS         Oh I don’t know Bay; you seem to do a pretty good job of it to me

 BOF      A little more respect please Credo. I did finish 9th in the Cheltenham Bumper

 CS         You can’t rest on that laurel for the rest of your life Bay

 BOF      I’m not – that’s why I decided to win at Wexford. Figured that should keep me in good books for a while

 CS        Excited about going chasing? Master Bones said you schooled well when he was teaching you

 BOF      He’s a bit full of himself for a horse who’s never won a race

 CS         Not as much as X

 BOF      Xsquared?

 CS          He’s won 4 races on the bounce and now he thinks he’s the stable star. He’s only been here since January

 BOF     He will be unbearable if he wins on Thursday

 CS           That’s why I’m going to Galway – get out of his way

 BOF        It’s worse for me – Gavin is all over him and hardly paying any attention to me

CS            That doesn’t sound like Gavin

 BOF do you explain him letting that eejit Sexton keep riding me?

 CS           He rides X as well

BOF          Hmmm.  You know what the Boss said today?

  CS           Ber?

BOF          Ah very funny. You women crack me up!!

 CS            What did Peter say then?

 BOF          That, based on my work today, he wouldn’t mind entering me in a 2 mile flat race

CS             He’s crazy!

 BOF          Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen. I have a plan.

CS               Amaze me Bay!

BOF           Why don’t I run in your race at Galway? It’s 3 miles so if I show that I’m too slow for 3 miles over hurdles then he’ll never run me on the flat.

CS             You don’t mind going all the way to Galway just to waste your time?

BOF           If my owner’s prepared to do it then so am I!

CS              You don’t like your owner do you?

 BOF          He was OK to start with but then I found out he named me after some romantic vacation he had with his wife – that’s pretty pathetic

CS               So why did you win in Wexford

 BOF           Well, in fairness, he did get me my own automatic feeder and also his wife was there and she’s really attractive ..even when she’s rain soaked

CS               Anyway, back to Sunday. If you do come, why don’t you run out the back with me? We don’t even have to jump them all if you don’t want to.

 BOF           Interesting I’ve never been pulled up before – I think it’s overdue.

CS               Fantastic! Great chatting to you Bay …it’s a pity you’re a gelding

 BOF           Calm down there Credo. Let’s make final plans in the horsebox on Sunday

 CS              Great idea. See you Bay!

 BOF           See you Credo!