Some decisions are easier than others.............

It is the morning of the race and the going description has improved to good to yielding (from yielding to soft) . How is that possible when ½ inch of rain fell yesterday?

As an aside I would have written 12.7 millimetres this time last week but things have changed!!

Anyway, back to my point, this is not going to help our cause and will definitely be in the favor of a few others. The Irish Sun has him as their nap but, otherwise, he doesn’t get many mentions. He’s shortened in the betting this morning (now 10/1 in several places) and I am not sure how to feel. On one hand he should run well off this handicap mark but, on the other, we never quite know what to expect. 

As I was considering how I felt I also had one more important decision to make: should I drive to the course or get a taxi?

Funnily enough, the answer to both questions was supplied by a simple regression and trend analysis by way of a decision tree. Let me show you:

                              Where has Bay of Freedom run?
              Listowel  Galway Cheltenham Punchestown Down Royal
                          Galway Roscommon Wexford Sligo

                                              Did he win?
                       Yes                                                  No
           Galway Wexford                            Everywhere else

                          Was it cold, windy and/or 'pissing it down'?
                       Yes                                                  No
            Galway Wexford

                          Did I stay in that the night before?
                       Yes                                                  No
                                                                    Galway Wexford

                                  Did I wear green and black socks?
                       Yes                                                  No
            Galway Wexford

                               Did I travel to the course by car or taxi?
                       Taxi                                             Car
            Galway Wexford

The only conclusions to be drawn from this analysis are that a) I should definitely get a taxi and b) provided it turns wet and miserable, he will definitely win.

In case you are not convinced then let me add one final compelling piece of information:

I bought green and black PJ bottoms prior to his Wexford win (when worn against my white legs they represent my racing colours). Today is only the second time they have been worn prior to attending a meeting - the 100% record is likely to continue!

More to come later..............